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Name:Baby Art – as coined by Trevor Brown
Website:Babyart @ Livejournal
Posting Access:All Members

About the Community

What this community is not about: This is not a community supporting or encouraging illegal activities, nor is it a community that promotes abuse, rape, assault, or any of those crimes. The intent of the community is not to promote the sexualization of young children, or to support pedophilia. If that is your intent, or if you are joining the community with the intent of trolling it, please seek another community.

Additionally, this is not a community for you to post baby pictures or pictures of kids in general. A kid playing in a field of grass is not, in itself, "babyart". Babyart is a specific genre; please see below for more details.

What this community is about: This community is focused on sharing artwork that deals with society's emphasis on innocence and childhood—often in a manner that juxtaposes these ideals with darker imagery. Babyart is a category of art that deals with fetishes, the grotesque, the macabre, the morbid, the surreal, the avant-garde, all in the context of children and innocence. Perhaps the most popular artist of this genre, and the one credited with coining the term "babyart", is Trevor Brown.

Society—in particular, Western society—has been quick to suppress this kind of art, primarily via censorship. Yet, this art does still have immense value in both its aesthetics and in the social commentary that it provides.

This community primarily serves the purpose of sharing art related to the babyart genre, but discussion is also encouraged.


Hard Rules

These are rules that must be followed. You will receive up to two warnings if you violate these rules; your third offense will lead to a ban from the community.

  • Do not post pictures or material that violates Dreamwidth's terms of service.

  • All art must be credited to their original artists.

Soft Rules

These rules are more like guidelines. You will not be banned from the community for violating them, unless you do so in excess and it gets really annoying.

  • Please refrain from reposting. This community is for finding and sharing a variety of art, not for recycling the same five artists. The exception to this rule is if you are posting to update us about new work from the artist.

  • Some people are on slower connections or have smaller screen resolutions that prevent them from comfortably viewing large images. Therefore, please be courteous and put large images (more than 800 pixels wide) under a cut.

  • Try to refrain from direct-linking to the artist's images; whenever possible, upload the images to your own server, or a public image-sharing service. Some services you can use include Photobucket, Tinypic, and Mediafire. Please note that some of these websites have guidelines regarding what they consider to be appropriate or inappropriate; be warned that they may delete your pictures.


  • This community is centered on visual art. However, articles about babyart and babyart artists are permitted as well (try to make sure they include at least one picture, though).

  • You are free to post your own art, so long as it adheres to the spirit of baby art.

  • You may advertise for another community here, so long as you advertise for this community at your community. This point may be revoked if there is an overabundance of community promotion and not enough posts with art.


  • Exercise good judgment: Be polite and respect others. Some of the art posted here may very well offend you or go against your tastes in art; respect that others' tastes differ from yours.

  • Credit what you post. This is reflected in the other guidelines of the community. If you're posting something that's not yours, or text that you haven't written, credit it. A simple link is fine.

  • Be sensitive to artists' property rights; if you post something and the original artist (or author, if posting an article) contacts you and requests that you remove the content, please do so ASAP.

Post Format

Include, at minimum, the following in your post:

  • Artist's name
  • One piece of artwork
  • Link to artist's website (or best equivalent, if they don't have one)

You are free to, and encouraged to, post more information and more artwork along with the basics. Make sure that what you post is credited to its source; that is, if you copy the artist's biography from Wikipedia, please make a note of that.

How to...

  • ...make a cut: <cut>YOUR CONTENT</cut>
  • ...make a cut with different text for the link: <cut text="YOUR TEXT">YOUR CONTENT</cut>
  • ...make a link: <a href="URL">TEXT</a>
  • a picture: <img src="URL">


Please tag your entries with "artist: [artist's name]" (e.g. artist: trevor brown, artist: mark ryden, etc.). Lists artists in the order of first name, last name. This is to help prevent reposts.

A final note: Despite the detailed guidelines, this community is intended to be fairly hands-off in terms of moderation. Don't be a jerk, and we'll be fine. :)



under construction


Primary moderator: [personal profile] orchidfire. I can be contacted via private message or via e-mail, listed in my profile.

Interests (148):

abnormal, aesthetic terrorism, airi and meiri, akira, alice club, alice in wonderland, amano katan, anarchism, anatomy, andres serrano, anti-art, antoine bernhart, apocalypso a go go, asaji muroi, atheism, babyart, bandage, beth love, bondage, bruises, bruno richard, car crash, censorship, claymation, coil, conjoined twins, crime scene, cults, damien hirst, david tibet, degenerate art, dolls, egl, erotesque, etsuko miura, eva ionesco, eyeballs, eyeflower, fascism, fetishism, forbidden fruit, fragility, francis bacon, franz kafka, fredox, gaspar noe, gea, genesis p orridge, girlishness, gothic lolita, gottfried helnwein, grotesque, hans bellmer, henry darger, hideshi hino, horihone saizo, innocence, izima kaoru, jake and dinos chapman, jan svankmajer, jean marie poumeyrol, jeff koons, jenny saville, jg ballard, joel peter witkin, jonbenet ramsey, kawaii, kayuli hiina, keiti ota, keizo miyanishi, ken-ichi murata, kiki picasso, kyosuke chinai, lil miss sticky kiss, little girls, little red riding hood, lolicon, lolita, lollipops, loulou picasso, makoto aida, mania, marc caro, marc dutroux, marc quinn, marquis de sade, marquis franz von bayros, masaaki toyoura, masaru shichinohe, medical anomalies, medical fetish, mika kato, milwaukee brace, nurse dolls, nurses, nymphets, obscenity, oculolinctus, old abc books, paedohysteria, panties, pascal doury, pee wee herman, perverts, peter sotos, pigtails, pink, playground sex, pornography, quay brothers, randoseru, red cross, red eye shadow, robert crumb, romain slocombe, rubber, rudolf schwarzkogler, ryo yoshida, scatology, schoolgirls, shintaro kago, skipping ropes, story of the eye, stu mead, suehiro maruo, suicide, surrealism, taboo, taiyo matsumoto, takashi itsuki, takashi murakami, the residents, throbbing gristle, tokyo, tomomi sakuba, too negative, toys, trevor brown, tsutomu miyazaki, vania zouravliov, virginwhores, whitehouse, william bennett, william burroughs, wooden toy ambulances, yock, yuriko yamayoshi, zhang peng
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